Faculty & Research

Research in ChBE is remarkable for its quality and innovation and its breadth and depth. More than forty full-time faculty members direct interdisciplinary and collaborative research programs in four strategic areas:

Research Group Websites: ChBE faculty members maintain individual web sites that detail their research activities.

Research CentersChBE faculty members lead and actively participate in more than 20 interdisciplinary research centers and programs on campus.

Additional Research Information

Focus on Cancer ResearchResearchers in ChBE work at the interface of molecular structure and macroscopic outcomes to explore ways to detect and treat cancer. Their research provides fundamental knowledge about mechanisms driving initiation and spread of cancerous cells. This knowledge serves as a foundation to identify markers for early detection or even predict the onset of cancer. Current research projects include developing therapies that halt growth of cancer cells, improving delivery of cancer-targeting agents, and structuring new processes for synthesis and production of drugs and vaccines.

Focus on Energy Research: Researchers in ChBE engage in numerous projects to meet the challenges associated with all types of energy production. Recently, their efforts have been concentrated on renewable fuels derived from alternative sources, such as biomass feedstocks, solar power, and fuel cells. Researchers also develop complex systems to meet environmental challenges through advanced technologies, modeling techniques, and operating strategies that reduce the volume and toxicity of pollutants. Additionally, they develop systems to allow greater reuse of post-consumer and post-industrial waste.

Comprehensive Research Area Matrix: Lists faculty research interests by 13 detailed areas.

Faculty Research Profiles Book: A brief overview of all of our faculty members' research interests.