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<p>Closer view of repeat units showing the void morphology (blue regions) of AO-PIM-1.</p>
Membrane could enable increased development of these “sour” natural gas streams
<p>Chemical engineering student in EBB lab</p>
The American Chemical Society’s Bridge Program aims to increase the number of underrepresented minority students who receive doctoral degrees in chemical sciences.
<p>The 3D-Fuge utilizes 3D-printed disks designed to hold small vials of liquid. Simple yarn is used to spin the disks. (Photo: Rob Felt, Georgia Tech).</p>
A childrens' toy has inspired an inexpensive, hand-powered scientific tool that could help field biologists and others.
Matthew Realff receives Person of the Year Award from CARE
Matthew Realff has served as a long-time advisor to the board of Carpet America Recovery Effort
John Woody accepts alumni award
John Woody, David Carlton, and Lucy Pettitt-Schieber received 2019 awards.
Professor Nga Lee "Sally" Ng
Nga Lee "Sally" Ng, Mark Prausnitz and Younan Xia will receive their awards at the Institute's Faculty and Staff Honors Luncheon April 19

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