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ScienceMatters Season 3, Episode 5 is all about Sally Ng and environmental aerosols.
<p>Food distribution in a center for internally displaced people in Yemen in the Saudi-Houthi rebel conflict. Credit: International Committee of the Red Cross / Yahya Arhab / <a href="" target="_blank">Creative Commons BY-NC-ND</a> / no commercial use</p>
Thousands die of zinc deficiency, but this test could detect it easily.
Rene Guermonprez, ChBE 1989
Guermonprez, ChBE 1989, is global quality director for Aptar CSP Technologies
A group of Georgia Tech researchers, and an alumnus with a front-row seat to history, remember Apollo 11.
<p>This image shows an elemental map collected with electron microscopy of a fractured cross-section of hybrid hollow fiber membrane with a radius of about 500 μm. Green dots signify locations of the metal oxide within the membrane. This image shows that metal oxide infuses throughout the entire membrane. Microscopy was done by Fengyi Zhang at Georgia Tech’s Materials Characterization Facility.</p>
Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology are working on membranes that could separate chemicals without using energy-intensive distillation processes.
Grad student in the lab
Shanghai Ranking Consultancy has issued academic rankings annually since 2003.