Every day in the School of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, our faculty, staff, and researchers are doing amazing things – both on the job, and for one other.

Here you can see the messages we've received about members of our community who are performing extraordinarily well.

For: Michelle Harden
From: Vinod Babu

Michelle, thanks for much for helping us with our POs and 100s of other things that make our life easier!

For: Michelle Harden
From: Wulin Qiu

Thank you very much for placing orders, preparing documents, and answering questions for us. We greatly appreciate your supports to our group.

For: Michelle Harden
From: Manjeshwar Kamath

Thank you for all you do so accurately, efficiently, and promptly all the time.

For: Dawm Franklin
From: Ami Waller-Ivanecky

You have been such a wonderful resource and support during our search process for an additional advisor. Thank you for your input and for acting as a sounding board while we sort out the details. Your contributions to CHBE have been immensely valuable, and you are appreciated.

For: Curtis Burnett
From: Lori Federico

Thank you for always assisting with our events with a smile, and for being so proactive so that we don't run into any complications. You truly make the foundation of our events happen without a hitch!

For: Kevin Guger
From: Lori Federico

Thank you for going above and beyond by assisting our events with a/v and tech setup. Everything runs smoothly because of all your hard work!

For: Kysten Raleigh
From: Phyllis Jones

Kysten, My thanks to you for this recognition. I'm here to give services where needed. Thank you, Phyllis

For: Valarie Y Spradling
From: Nian Liu Group

Thank you very much for helping us place orders and answering our questions. You are very responsible for every order we ask. We very appreciate your work for our group.

For: Phyllis Jones
From: Kysten Raleigh

Thank you for staying late to approve my orders, whenever I ask. I really do appreciate it.

For: Dawniah Franklin
From: Bradley Dixon

Thanks again for all of your help with the Staff Profile series. Your fun, creative approach to the Q&As have made the features a great addition to the newsletter. Much appreciated!