Fellows of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)

As described in AIChE's Constitution and By-laws, Fellows "...shall have been in chemical engineering practice for an adequate period of time to demonstrate long-term excellence, normally 25 years or more, and shall have been a Member [of AIChE] for at least ten years and a Senior Member for at least 3 years."  Election as Fellow..."shall be recognition of professional attainment, and significant accomplishment in engineering." A history of the AIChE Fellows has been published in the Centennial Volume, Chapter 8.”

The Fellows Council has been constituted with By-laws effective January 2011. The council officers have been elected and are listed here. The Chair of the Council, informally known as the "Big Wheel," moderates Fellow gatherings, usually breakfasts, at the National Meetings, and coordinates the Council's activities to help fulfill the mission of AIChE during a 2 year term. The council Vice Chair, informally know as the "Spare Tire," assists in arranging meetings and records during a 1-year term. The Past Chair, informally known as the "Flat Tire," serves for 1 year to provide officer continuity. The council meets quarterly: physically at each National Meeting of AIChE and virtually in between.

ChBE at Georgia Tech has 10 faculty members who are AIChE Fellows: