Essential Contacts


Fronk Desk

(404) 894-1838

School Chair

Chris Jones – School Chair
Lori Federico – Assistant to the Chair

Undergraduate Program

(404) 894-2865

Victor Breedveld – Associate Chair
Ami Waller-Ivanecky – Academic Program Manager
Ellen Murkison – Academic Advising Manager
Adrienne Hillman – Academic Advisement​

Graduate Program

(404) 894-2877

Martha Grover – Associate Chair
Janice Whatley – Academic Advisement

Technical Communications Program

(404) 894-8471

Jacqueline Mohalley-Snedeker

Alumni & Corporate Development

Donna Peyton
Director of Corporate Development, ChBE and MSE

Lauren Kennedy  
Director of Development I (Individuals and Foundations), ChBE and MSE

Communications Manager

(404) 385-2299

Brad Dixon - Communications Manager

Administration & Accounting

Nicholas Morgan – Assistant Director of Financial Operations

Imogene Baker – Adminstrative Manager II (HR)
Randee Turner - Finance Manager

Accounting Support

Faculty Support (Individual):

Ana Cleves - Dr. Lu
Donna Bondy - Dr. Prausnitz
Aeryal Herrod - Dr. Styczynski and Wilson
Michelle Harden - Dr. Koros
Destiny Boyd - Drs. Bommarius, Champion, and Kane​
Sara Kunincki - Drs. Brettmann, Hess, Lively, Meredith, Rousseau, and Scott
Rochelle Moses - Drs. Behrens, Chen, Fuller, Kohl, and Walton
Leslie Schlag - Dr. Sholl
Valerie Spradling - Drs. Bhamla, Bommarius (center only), Filler, Liu, Maldovan, Ng, and Reichmanis
Shikina Wiley - Drs. Boukouvala, Cheung, Nair, Matthew Realff, and Sievers

Faculty Support (Coordinated):
Rochelle Moses, and Gina Adams - Dr. Walton
Denice Shorter and Aeryal Herrod - Dr. Kane
Denice Shorter and Crystal Bray - Dr. Bommarius

Information Technology

(404) 894-7071

Kevin Guger – IT Support Manager
Luz Feliciano – IT Support Prof II
Mack Jenkins – IT Support Prof II

Machine Research Services

(404) 894-2884​​
Brad Parker – Research Machinist


Todd Clarkson – Ford ES&T Facilities Manager
Rod Sefton – Bunger-Henry Building Manager
Curtis Burnett – ChBE Building Coordinator