Virtual Seminar Series - 11 a.m. EDT Monday February 8 - Ivan Moreno-Hernandez

Mon Feb 8 11:00 am

Ivan Moreno-Hernandez, University of California-Berkeley

"Advancing Sustainability through Electrocatalyst Discovery and Time-Resolved Nanoscale Structural Observations" 

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Sustainable energy practices require electrochemical materials to couple renewable energy sources with our chemical and energy industries. This talk will focus on advancements in both the discovery of new electrochemical materials with improved performance and the development of new techniques to observe electrochemical reaction dynamics. We will first discuss the discovery of an earthabundant class of electrocatalysts that are thermodynamically stable for the oxygen evolution and chlorine evolution reactions in acidic electrolytes. Our discussion will then focus on the development of electrochemical graphene liquid cell electron microscopy, a technique that allows electrochemical reactions to be observed at near-atomic resolution in real time.


Dr. Ivan Moreno-Hernandez received a Bachelor of Science degree with University Honors in Chemistry and Physics from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Afterwards, Ivan continued his studies in Chemistry as an NSF Graduate Research Fellow with Prof. Nathan Lewis at the California Institute of Technology. During his graduate studies Ivan focused on the study of semiconductor/metal-oxide heterojunctions for photoelectrochemical applications and on the discovery of earth-abundant electrocatalysts for anodic reactions in acidic electrolytes. Since 2019, Ivan has been a postdoctoral fellow with Prof. A. Paul Alivisatos at the University of California, Berkeley and has worked on understanding and controlling the reactive chemical environment of liquid cell electron microscopy experiments.