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<p>Artist's conception of astronauts and human habitats on Mars. Courtesy: NASA</p>
Researchers have developed a concept that would make Martian rocket fuel, on Mars, that could be used to launch future astronauts back to Earth.
<p>Georgia Tech researchers<strong> </strong>Saad Bhamla (left) and Mark Prausnitz (right) study the ePatch in the laboratory. (Photo credit: Candler Hobbs, Georgia Tech)</p>
Georgia Tech researchers have developed and tested an innovative method that may simplify the complexity of delivering Covid-19 and other vaccines through a handheld electroporator
<p>Saad Bhamla repositions a slide for a microscope</p>
To make a micro-robot that moves, look to what nature does, first.
Air Quality measurement site
The award will establish a network of 12 sites around the United States, including locations in national parks and some of the country’s largest cities.
A new grant will allow Georgia Tech researchers to create strategies to protect schoolchildren from harmful wildland fire emissions
Undergrad group
For the second year in a row, Georgia Tech’s School of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering is ranked 2nd in the nation (1st among public universities) for its undergraduate program in the latest rankings of U.S. News & World Report.