Thomas E. Gartner


The Gartner group is developing advanced computational approaches to understand and predict the properties of polymers and soft materials for energy, sustainability, and technology applications. The group uses machine learning-enabled computational tools to uncover the chemical and physical driving forces underlying thermodynamics, transport, and assembly in fluids and functional soft matter.

Current research interests include:

  • Polymer sustainability, polymer degradation, polymer recycling & upcycling
  • Polymer physics, solution processing of polymers, polymer architecture effects
  • Polymer- and nanoparticle-based electrical & optical nanomaterials
  • Liquid state theory, molecular simulations, and statistical mechanics
  • Developing machine learning interaction potentials to predict the properties and phase behavior of fluids and materials
  • Materials and Nanotechnology
  • Energy and Sustainability


    Postdoc, Princeton University (2019-2021)

    Ph.D., University of Delaware (2014-2019)

    Process Engineer, Applied Materials, Inc. (2011-2014)

    B.S. (with Honors), University of California, Berkeley (2007-2011)