Change of Major

A degree in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering prepares students for a wide variety of career or graduate school options. It is both challenging and demanding. It requires not only academic competence but also a high level of motivation and persistence. Our goal is to enroll those students in this rigorous program who demonstrate both the aptitude and dedication necessary for success. 

We encourage all students who are considering a change of major into CHBE to attend a group Change of Major meeting. To sign up for a meeting please fill out this form.

Continuing Students with 30 or more hours of credit

We require continuing students considering a change of major to first attend a Change of Major meeting to learn more details about our program.

Second, a student must seek a permit to enroll in the gateway class, CHBE 2100, if s/he has completed the prerequisites [CHEM 1211K OR CHEM 1310 AND MATH 1551 (grade of C or higher) AND MATH 1552 (grade of C or higher) AND MATH 1553 or 1554 (grade of C or higher)]. Permits for non-ChBE majors to register for the class are issued during Phase II registration. A permit allows you to register for the class, but it does not guarantee availability of seats. Permits must be requested by emailing Ami Waller-ivanecky, including your GT ID#, and the term in which you wish to take the class.  

Third, we require that each student enrolled in CHBE 2100 complete a mandatory meeting with a faculty mentor to discuss your academic and career goals. This is an opportunity for you to interact with a professor within the department and ask any questions you may have about the curriculum and the career opportunities within this field. You should complete the Academic Goals worksheet, which is sent out along with the list of faculty mentors, during the semester in which you take the class. After completion, the mentor should sign the form and you will submit it to the academic advising team.

Finally, upon completion of CHBE 2100 with a grade of “C” or higher, we will consider your Change of Major request. We will only approve a change of major for a student in good standing. You will be able to register for the next tier of classes in the CHBE sequence during Phase II registration. 

Admitted Summer or Fall Freshmen

Admitted first-year applicants who are seeking a change of major should attend a group Change of Major meeting to learn more about the program. A newly admitted student will not be allowed to request a change of major until after the deadline for withdrawal with a W grade in their first term of enrollment. Change of major requests are processed at the end of the term and all approved changes become effective for the second term of enrollment.

For additional information and FAQs regarding Change of Major for newly admitted students please refer to

Transfer Students

Admitted transfer students may pursue a change of major after their first semester at Tech. However, a change of major is not guaranteed. The ChBE Academic Committee will consider change requests on a case-by-case basis, weighing the merits of each student’s request individually.

A transfer student seeking a change of major will follow all of the steps outlined for a continuing student. However, a permit to take CHBE 2100 will not be issued to a new transfer student until after a GPA at Georgia Tech has been earned and the student is in good standing.

Upon satisfactory completion of CHBE 2100, the student’s academic record at Georgia Tech and completed Academic Goals Worksheet will be evaluated by the ChBE Academic Committee to determine if a change of major is deemed appropriate for approval.

For additional information and FAQs regarding Change of Major for newly admitted students please refer to