Strategic Plan


The School of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering at Georgia Tech will be recognized as one of the best chemical engineering programs in the world. Its graduates will be successful in leading industrial, academic, and government organizations; its research will make significant contributions towards improving the quality of life for the world community; and it will be a leader in the intellectual development of chemical engineering.


The school will achieve its mission through meeting the following objectives:

1. Produce the most capable chemical engineers in the world. Graduates should be recognized for their excellent technical, leadership, and teamwork skills

2. Conduct research that expands the knowledge base of chemical engineering, educates our students, has a beneficial effect on society, and acts as a catalyst for economic development

3. Maximize the talent available to the School and society by creating a learning environment that affords students of diverse backgrounds every opportunity for achieving success

4. Maximize the learning experience in the classroom and enhance all aspects of teaching, especially by leveraging information technology

5. Be recognized for leadership in fostering entrepreneurship, corporate interaction, and economic development

6. Attract, develop, and retain the best and brightest faculty and staff

7. Educate our students on the importance of the global/international nature of engineering practice and business activities

8. Create a chemical engineering community at Georgia Tech that fosters the success and growth of its members