Note that failure to abide by these policies can lead to loss of access to the computer lab. Any violations of Institute policies or the law will be reported to the proper authorities.

1. The lab is for the use of School of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering students only.

2. Please do not prop the door open.

3. Food and drink are not allowed in the lab. If your food or drink damages a computer or peripheral, you must pay to repair or replace what you damage.

4. Do not use any lab equipment for illegal activities (e.g.: pirating software).

5. If you print something, either take it out of the lab with you or place it in the recycling bin. Do not leave documents lying on the tables or on the printer.

6. If you do not know how to use a piece of equipment, ask someone. The staff would much rather show you how to use a piece of equipment than replace or repair it if you break it.

7. Please use the computers with the scanners attached for scanning only, unless there are no other open computers in the lab.

8. If you are using a computer for non-school-related activities (e.g.: playing games, sending personal e-mail, recreational web browsing), please offer to let students who are waiting for computers to do schoolwork use it.

9. Occasionally the lab will be reserved for classes or classes will have priority access to the computers. In those cases, you must vacate a computer if it is needed by a member of the class that has the lab reserved. Also, if a class is being taught in the lab, please be quiet and do not interrupt the class. We will try to post lab reservations in advance so you can adjust your schedule for using the lab accordingly.

10. If you make a mess, clean it up.