lab safety equipment

Core Courses
ChBE 6003     Chemical Process Safety
ChBE 6100     Advanced ChBE Thermodynamics
ChBE 6200     Transport Phenomena
ChBE 6260     Mass Transfer
ChBE 6300     Kinetics & Reactor Design
ChBE 6500     Mathematical Modeling of Chemical Processes

Elective Courses
ChBE 6004     Communication Skills
ChBE 6020     Chemical Engineering in Nanosystems
ChBE 6229     Introduction to MEMS
ChBE 6232     Engineering Processes in Pulp & Paper Manufacturing
ChBE 6460     MEMS Devices
ChBE 6710     Microfluidics & Applications
ChBE 6741     Pulp & Paper Manufacture I
ChBE 6742     Pulp & Paper Manufacture II
ChBE 6750     Preparation & Reactions of Polymers
ChBE 6751     Physical Chemistry of Polymer Solutions
ChBE 6752     Polymer Characterization
ChBE 6760     Biocatalysis
ChBE 6765     Drug Design, Development & Delivery
ChBE 6768     Polymer Structure & Properties
ChBE 6777     Advanced Biomaterials
ChBE 6779     Bioprocess Engineering
ChBE 6782     Cellular Engineering
ChBE 7771     Mechanics of Polymers: Solid & Fluid
ChBE 7772     Fundamentals of Fracture Mechanics

ChBE 8803: Special Topics Courses – Varies by semester
Technical Leadership, Professionalism, and Decision Making
Stem Cell Bioprocessing
Pulp & Paper Manufacturing Topics
Pharmaceutical Development
Protein Engineering
Complex Fluids
Advanced Process System Engineering
Colloids and Surfaces
Special Topics in Papermaking
Catalytic Chemistry & Engineering