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Georgia Tech Pulp & Paper Certificate Program and Foundation

Developing the future leaders of the pulp and paper industry

The Georgia Tech Pulp & Paper Foundation was established in 1990 with 24 companies and three individuals. Strong ties and close collaboration continues between Georgia Tech and the industry as the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century sector evolve.

Our program develops future leaders of the paper and forest products industry. A student currently enrolled in the Schools of ChBE, ME, MSE, or Chem can obtain a certificate demonstrating their proficiency in pulp and paper science and engineering. The certificate consists of 12 credit hours focused on pulp and paper topics, including lecture and laboratory based courses.  Courses must be taken on a letter-grade basis and a grade of “C” or better must be earned to count towards the certificate. These courses are cross-listed so that ME, MSE and Chem students can enroll and gain elective credit.

Pulp & Paper Certificate Program Courses

CHBE/ME 4720 - Pulp & Paper Manufacturing

This 3 credit hour course presents in practical and technical terms the nomenclature, processes, and technologies of pulping, chemical recovery, and paper-making that are used in the forest products industry to manufacture ligno-cellulosic materials into value-added products such as paper, packaging, and tissue. We cover the history of papermaking through forestry management, various pulp manufacturing processes (including recycling and de-inking), and continue to the finished paper product.

CHBE/ME 4730 - Emerging Technologies for Forest Bioproducts

This 3 credit hour course covers the development and manufacture of nontraditional products with forest bioproducts and other biomass. We introduce ligno-cellulosic biomass, and analyze and assess emerging manufacturing markets. Topics include the processes needed to produce raw materials, as well as material construction and characterization, and cover several case studies of successes and challenges in biorefining.

CHBE/ME 4873/4767 - Pulp & Paper Lab

This is a 3 credit hour mixed (lecture and lab) based course. Topics include: pulping orientations, bleaching, handsheet formation, pulp and paper physical properties, and recycled fiber.
Prerequisite: CHBE/ME 4720: Pulp & Paper Manufacturing, or CHBE/ME 4730: Emerging Technologies for Forest Bioproducts.

ADDITIONALLY: Three credit hours of undergraduate research (or Special Problems)

Pulp & Paper Certificate Program Davis Scholarship

The certificate program offers multiple scholarships, thanks to the generous support of the Davis family through the William H. Davis Endowment. Support is offered in two tiers, and qualified students may receive both Tier I and Tier II scholarships.

TIER 1 - $500
To be eligible, students must have successfully completed at least one lecture course (CHBE/ME 4720: Pulp & Paper Manufacturing or CHBE/ME 4730: Emerging Technologies for Forest Bioproducts), and be enrolled in CHBE/ME 4873/4767: Pulp & Paper Lab.

TIER II - $1000
To be eligible, students must have successfully completed CHBE/ME 4767: Pulp & Paper Lab (or equivalent) and be enrolled in their final Pulp & Paper course.

Qualified students must be registered full-time and of satisfactory academic standing with no disciplinary infractions.


For additional information about the Certificate Program or the Davis Scholarship, contact: