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More than 60 percent of ChBE undergraduates participate in research.

What is undergraduate research?
• One-on-one work with faculty, graduate students, and post-docs in a laboratory setting
• Searching for new knowledge in a specific branch of chemical & biomolecular engineering
• Discovering new phenomena, methods, and techniques
• Application of knowledge learned in lecture

Why do undergraduate research? 
• Develop a better understanding of “hot” topics and areas of concern in chemical & biomolecular engineering
• Hands-on experience in your field of study
• Learn more than what is provided in traditional coursework
• Preparation for post-baccalaureate studies
• Clarify your career goals

How is the experience different than classroom learning?
• You help to formulate questions to answer
• You help to design the methods to answer the questions
• You interpret the results of your tests or discoveries
• You learn to communicate the results to others in your field

What is my next step?
Find a faculty member whose interests match yours and discuss potential research positions in his or her laboratory! Click here to view complete faculty contact information. 

After agreeing to terms with your supervising professor regarding a research project, you will need to request a permit so that you can register for your class. Please follow these instructions for completing the form. If you need assistance, email

The deadline to submit a completed request for a research permit is noon on the Thursday before the end of Phase II registration. Please consult with your assigned academic advisor if you have any questions.

Available funding
Former President G. Wayne Clough strongly believed in the value of undergraduates and encouraged them to experience the excitement of new discovery through research. He established the President’s Undergraduate Research Awards (PURA) to encourage and supplement undergraduate research opportunities for all majors.

Currently, more than 200 students are awarded up to $1,500 in research salary to work with a faculty mentor or up to $1,000 funding to present work at a professional conference. Students can participate in undergraduate research for course credit or pay, part time or full time.

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