How do I close an application that is frozen?

1. Press the Ctrl, Alt, and Delete keys simultaneously.

2. In the box that appears, click on the Task Manager button.

3. In the box that appears, click on the Applications tab.

4. In the list, find the application that is not responding and click on it.

5. Click on the End Task button. The application should close. You can then click on the X in the upper right corner of the Task Manager window to close it and continue working. Occasionally, instead of the application's closing, you will receive a message stating that the application is not responding. If you get that message, click on the End Now button, and the application will usually close within a few seconds.

How do I check my e-mail using a web browser?

Go to and login.


How do I use the Virtual Lab?

Access the VLAB through the web portal.

Under Desktops, choose the CHBE option.

For more information or any issues, check the FAQ.

How do I add a printer?


Click Start then Devices and Printers

Choose Devices and Printers from the start menu

Click on Add a printer

Click on Add a printer at the top

Click Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer

Click Add a network...


How do I set up ChemDraw?


Go to the site: and register with one of the following Georgia Tech email addresses:


How do I set up ChBE file share?


Network requirements: You must be plugged in to ChBE's network or connected to the campus VPN.

From a Georgia Tech computer: There should be an S: drive that is automatically created (or mapped) when you login. Go to Start -> Computer and browse the S: drive.
*The logged on user must be in ChBE in order to create the S: drive automatically